Cards of the day for Tuesday the 5th of March

Today’s cards are inviting us to be our authentic self and to be seen. There’s no need to hide your light or who you are, my friends. It’s true that sometimes it takes a while before some people can see, recognize and/or respect one’s talents and/or their work. They key is perseverance and consistently being your true self. Sometimes we might veer of to another path to explore something new -or to please others- and it’s perfectly fine.

Just remember who you are and come home to your authentic self. Who you are is an evolving process so, for some of you this card may be an invitation to explore who you really are today. Considering everything you’ve learned, done and healed, where are you now? Are you still holding on to a “previous version” of yourself or an image you feel that is safe or would be accepted? It might be time to launch version 2.0!
As we enter the Mercury Retrograde today the energy in the next few weeks will be perfect for revising, rejuvenating, re-visioning, retreating and a few more “re” words! I’m not going to give you a lengthy lists of things to “watch out for” during this period. In fact, I noticed that a lot of the energetic influence during this period isn’t caused by the retrograde itself but the collective thought form created about the retrograde and what people tell us to expect.
Our job as co-creators of our realities will be aligning ourselves with the energy and thoughts we’d like to experience instead. When I announced the “Renewal Special” for my sessions I actually didn’t even think about the retrograde but yeah, it’s another “re-” word and theme that matches it! If you’d like to have an energy healing or intuitive coaching session me, you can click on the link in my bio.
Wishing you all a fabulous day and retrograde. May it be a blessed one!

Today’s Decks: Archangel Animal Oracle & Birkan’s Deck Of Intuitive Answers

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